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Beware of Scams During Tax Season

Tax Season is always ripe for tax scammers Tax season is upon us. Many of us are hoping for a nice return or at the very least not having to owe anything. Unfortunately, this time of the year always s....


You settled debt and thought it was the end. Think again!

You settled debt and thought it was the end. Think again!!! You were buried in bills and every month was a struggle. You decided to go on the offensive and settle some debt with your creditors for les....


New Year, New Strategy for your Finances

New Year’s Resolutions are known for not standing the test of time. The reason is very simple, only a few stick to their goals. A good friend of mine lost 50 pounds before turning 30 and has k....


How is My Credit Score Calculated?

How is My Credit Score Calculated? What is the formula? This is one of those million dollar questions that basically no one can answer. But why? The reason is quite simple. A credit score is calculate....


Your Credit Score Can Impact Your Insurance Premiums

Your credit score can affect the price you pay for insurance Your credit score can impact your insurance premiums. It used to be much simpler when your rates, like car insurance, were calculated base....


Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas without 12 Months of Debt

Don’t let the holidays destroy your credit score For many of us, tis the season for big spending. For the next 2 months your email inbox, TV screen and Facebook feed with be littered with specia....