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With Keystone Credit Repair, you are more than just your credit score.

4 Steps to Credit Improvement

Our unique “4 Steps to Credit Improvement” program is a proven and effective way to improve and build your overall credit profile.   Our Certified Credit Specialists guide you through every step of the process, giving you the personal attention you deserve.  We’ll help you improve more than your credit score.  We’ll help you reach your maximum credit potential.

1. Free, One-on-One, Consultation

Our FREE, One-on-One Credit Consultation reviews your current credit situation, your goals and how our program can help you reach your target and maximize your full credit profile.

You can get access to your credit report for only $1* by going to  Pulling this report will not affect your credit and your Credit Consultant can use it to review your credit today.

*Pulling your credit using this link will cost $1 today and then $19.99 a month starting 30 days from today.  You may cancel this service at anytime.
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2. Personal Credit Evaluation

Next, your dedicated Certified Credit Specialist will get to work, examining your credit profile. Within 3-5 days, you’ll have a complete assessment of your current credit situation and a detailed plan on how KCR can best improve your credit.

Your Certified Credit Specialist will outline the best way to ensure your credit profile is maximized. By ensuring the laws that protect your credit are enforced, our personalized plan will make sure your credit profile is 100% Accurate, Timely and Verifiable.

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3. Credit Report Dispute Process

Then, your dedicated Certified Credit Specialist will immediately start communicating with the credit bureaus, your creditors and collection agencies on your behalf. We will dispute all inaccurate and challenged items for you.   As the items are disputed, we will review and analyze the results.

If inaccurate or challenged items are still showing on your report, we will devise a new strategy and re-dispute the inaccurate and unfair items again. We will continue to dispute inaccurate and unfair items until a resolution is reached.

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4. Education and Guidance

As we work on your credit, your dedicated Certified Credit Specialist will provide you with the information you need to better understand how personal credit works and guide you along the way. You will receive credit education that will help you maintain your updated credit profile, giving you the tools you need to make informed decisions as it relates to your credit.

You will also gain access to credit building tools that are a proven way to maximize your credit profile. These skills are necessary as you start building/rebuilding and establishing credit. If needed, we will help you apply for a secured credit card and other lines of credit that you will be able get approved for now.

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Don’t let the past hold you back. Start the process to better credit today.

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