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Let’s work together! By becoming an affiliate of Keystone Credit Rehab, you can refer your clients to the help they need, while remaining their agent, broker, loan officer, attorney, tax professional or other professional service provider! 

Our goal is to enable our mutual clients to improve their credit profile in the least amount of time possible.  We work diligently and efficiently throughout the process, keeping you informed of their progress along the way. We’ll be honest with you about our expectations for each client.

The best part?  When they’ve reached their credit goals, we refer them back to YOU. 

Throughout our entire 4 step process, when your client logs into the web portal, they see your photo and contact information.  It’s a reminder of their goal, and who referred them to us.  You also have access to the web portal, to send us referrals and track your clients progress along the way.

Each referral receives a FREE consultation with a credit consultant with no obligation or pressure.  Referrals who contract our services get one on one mentoring and education, along with our proven, step by step system to improve their credit profile.

 Don’t let unqualified clients slip away.  Help them and help you, with Keystone Credit Rehab.

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Our Partners

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